My Offer

Your company needs a comprehensive check-up and a professional hands-on intervention to restore it to good, money making health. Our Domain is ICT, IoT, E-Health, Automotive, Security and Rescue; our core competence is Strategy, Business Modelling,  Sales & marketing. Our 40/60 proposition is strongly achievement-based. 35 years experience in repairing and managing worldwide companies with specific targets in promoting and developing business through marketing and sales.  We have a passion for excellence. Times are crazy world-wide and you need to apply an extremely creative approach. Indexes, disciplines and performance drivers are important; however, in this particular crisis environment more attention should be focused on outsmarting competition and sticking to brand new sales strategies.

Stop, for the time being, trying to find solutions staying up late, reading consultants reports, trendy how to… business books and attending unfocused seminars. Let us use innnatural inborn top sales methods and skills. Let’s concentrate on transformation of bottom line figures, by developing a concentric selling tactics to be deployed through all channels and all means, bottom-up, involving every  stakeholder. Let’s coop!